Fengshui Analysis - 2023 Horse Zodiac Forecast

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2023年风水十二生肖 - 属马的分析
吉星 - 太阴 / 天喜 凶星 - 贯索 / 勾神 / 三刑
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Singapore Fengshui Master - Zodiac Horse Analysis

风水生肖 - 2023年属马(支属午)

Fengshui : Basically fengshui is only concerned with water and path around your house. Even a tap water if place in the wrong place, it can meant having a rebellious kid or it will affect your health and income plus career. It is the calculations of the Yin and Yang of the house flying stars.
Bazi : The Four Pillars of Destiny are derived from a person's birth year, month, day, and hour. These four pillars are used to calculate a person's "bazi chart," which provides insight into their personality, character, and potential for success in life. The calculations involve the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and the yin and yang principles. Geomancy Four Pillar provides a comprehensive system for understanding a person's life path, strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities. Know your future and avoid the landmines ahead.
Our Geomancer : Our Master Lim consultantion is straight forward and there is no selling of commerical items . The Singapore National Heritage Board invited him to speak at Sun Yen Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall for Wedding Customs and also the Zodiac Lunar Talk in 2020 . Master Lim is a graduate from the National University of Singapore.
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Singapore Fengshui Master

Singapore Fengshui Master - Xuan Kong Fengshui and The Four Pillars Copyright @ Fengshui Master Lim
吉星 - 太阴 / 天喜 凶星 - 贯索 / 勾神 / 三刑 2 0 2 3 敌 。 事业 生肖属马的朋友是一个应该平稳没有大事的年份 当然对 于出生在阳历5月的朋友,今年是于风坡中前进的一年。 自己的事才行。今年要过自己心里的不平衡一关先才行。 友尤其要留意不要犯事 。 财运 线 年吃亏。请注意股票也是赌,三分饱就撤不要恋战 。今年出 3月、10月的朋友容易因为升级而在财运上有加分的现象 出生1/2/9月的朋友今年不宜主管公司的账目。 一定要请人 来监督自己, 今年容易迷失方向。 今年三刑入命,有点自 伤现象 。 健康 9 提放子宫出问题才行 。 今年三刑入命 ,家里的长辈的健康要留意不能大意才好。今 3 1 0 西 水化煞一年 。西北方位也不要有马的装饰物 -马在生肖属火 今年西北五黄煞飞入,会在一定的程度催动五黄大煞星 感情 5 1 2 易有小朋友到来 今年三刑入命多关怀家里的另一半的健 康。 过年的时候可以把汽水罐放在家里的西北方放 。 通书简约谈之 : / / 朋友更加要看不将是属于哪一天。 这些吉星有助吉化煞之效 不可小观。 事务有阴阳,有吉一定有凶煞 。煞比较多不容 福在于良辰吉日。吉时是吉,中时此吉,凶时不用 。 / / / 食都是属于大煞。 胎神更是家里有孕妇要看的地方,胎神的 不会看通书了,这点有点遗憾 。
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年份 -1942 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015
Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a pseudoscientific traditional practice originating from ancient China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The term feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English.Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy (observation of appearances through formulas and calculations). The feng shui practice discusses architecture in terms of "invisible forces" that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi .
Singapore Fengshui Master - Zodiac Horse Analysis
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